Words fail me.  Simply beautiful.  Handmade Art Deco engagement ring with a very special 1ct emerald cut centre stone, cut by a genius.  Beautifully proportioned and exquisitely crafted, this is “one of a kind” – you find many like this!

We’re pretty proud of this!  Handmade by a genius, our Art Deco “special” is a work of art!  The handmade platinum mount is complemented by a simple, yet stunning, 1ct emerald cut diamond.  The surrounding diamonds were cut to order, perfectly framing the centre stone and creating a period aesthetic.  Not many workshops could make a piece like this…fewer still would sell a piece like this at this price!



Diamond Weight

1 x 1.00ct Emerald cut and 0.50ct baguette cut surround

Diamond Colour


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Certification

GIA – 1.00ct (Emerald cut central diamond)

Finger Size