Wedding Rings - Shaped

At The Ring Workshop we specialise in handmade wedding rings to fit all shapes and sizes of engagement ring. However unusual your engagement ring, our “bespoke fitting service” will be able to fashion a wedding ring to match it perfectly.

The Perfect Fit


D’you have an unusual engagement ring? Have you struggled to find the perfect wedding ring? Have you found most jewellers unable to help?


We’re here to help, however unusual your engagement ring! For further information, or to book an informal appointment to discuss your requirements, please call one of our friendly team – they’ll be delighted to provide further practical and impartial advice.


Bespoke Fitting Service


Our modular bespoke fitting service ensures the illustrated options can be configured to your own requirements. This approach gives you complete control over the design, detailing and finishing of your own masterpiece – a ring as unique as your relationship.


Few retailers offer this service and even fewer have the knowledge, skills or facilities to allow their customers to design their own wedding ring! You deserve the best, so why compromise on the one true symbol of your love and commitment to one another?


Below are a small cross section of designs as a “snap-shot” of our abilities. Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke fitting requirements.

The Perfect Fit


Most shaped wedding rings will start life as a carved wax. The wax (a type of heavy candle wax) will be carved to match your specification and complement your engagement ring. The wax will be carved to the correct shape, width, profile and finger-size. When complete this will provide you with an accurate model of your unique design…a sample that can be handled and viewed with your engagement ring for approval.


At this stage modifications and adjustments of the piece are easily accommodated…if an element of the design requires some change or improvement, the wax can be fine-tuned to suit.



Once approved the wax will be cast in your chosen precious metal. Centrifugal casting machines are usually used to eliminate porosity (air bubbles).


The rough casting is then hallmarked and hand finished to ensure a flawless result. The finished “piece” is usually available for delivery within 4 weeks. We’ll always offer to refinish (clean, polish and , when necessary, rhodium plate) your engagement ring to ensure both rings look perfect for your “Big Day”!

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We like to make things a bit more personal, because afterall… this is a very personal purchase. From choosing your stones to sizing, we’ll guide you on chosing the perfect ring.