Frequently Asked Questions

We speak to customers on a daily basis with a few similar themes, so to help answer some of those questions in advance, we have put together a FAQ’s page to help.

How much do your rings cost?

This is a tricky question to answer. Essentially, the price of any ring is determined by the cost of the components (metals, diamonds etc) and the complexity of the design. As such to answer the above question, and provide a meaningful quote, we would need the following information.

The metal required

Are you looking for GOLD (9,14,18 or 22ct) SILVER, PLATINUM or PALADIUM? Take a look at Our Materials page for more information.

The profile required

Take a look at our profiles, which shows the cross-section of the more popular ring profiles available at The Ring Workshop.

The shape required

If the ring is to be fitted to an engagement ring, please select your preferred configuration from the attached image. If unsure, please forward a photograph of your engagement ring and we’ll advise of the most appropriate design.

The width & depth

The width and depth of the ring will determine the finished weight of the ring. This will enable us to calculate the cost of the material.


The finger size required

For the purpose of this exercise, an approximate size will suffice.


The diamond component

If the piece is to be diamond set, please specify the shape, size, colour and clarity of diamonds required. If you’re unsure, please refer to our “Diamond Guide”.


Armed with ALL the above information, we’ll quickly be able to calculate an accurate quotation and provide additional advice / recommendations as required.

Do I have to book an appointment?

We’re a small business and operate on an appointment basis. This might sound rather formal and intimidating, but it does ensure that a qualified member of staff is available to discuss your requirements. Our unique service and personal attention ensure you’ll be given expert impartial advice with none of the distractions of a retail environment.

Your rings look expensive! Are they?

We price our rings, services and products very competitively. We manufacture fine jewellery. Our product should not be confused or compared with mass-produced, inferior or imported items. If you compare our prices with our direct competitors (top-end independent retailers), you will immediately appreciate that our product is not only competitively priced but also excellent value.

Why should I use The Ring Workshop?

By purchasing your wedding ring from The Ring Workshop, you’ll be buying from experts who know, understand and care! A wedding ring isn’t a commodity. Purchasing a wedding ring is a personal experience. A wedding ring is special, unique and we understand this.


We’re a real business, with workshop facilities and a terrestrial address! We’re proud of our product and care about our customers. Come and visit us, handle our range and discuss your individual requirements.


We’re here to help. Whether buying, or just looking for guidance, don’t be distracted by normal jewellers, visit the specialists and enjoy the difference!