Currently trading at £1,305 (24/02/20) GOLD’s EXPENSIVE, VERY EXPENSIVE! In fact the value GOLD has almost doubled in the last 10 YEARS!


With prices likely to continue to rise (and some analysts predicting a price of £2,000 Troy / oz) there’s never been a better time to recycle your sentimental material.

Valuable & Recyclable


You’ll never realise the true value of your material through the Bullion dealers or “gold buyers” as they cash-in on the latest “gold rush”, but you can turn your sentimental heirlooms into practical and wearable jewellery items for less than you might think! Not many realise the true potential or possibilities of the old junk or broken items in their jewellery box – it’s not only VALUABLE but very RECYCLABLE! Very few jewellers have the capacity to do this.


Remodelling your gold


As a workshop, we’ve always offered this service. We can REMODEL your GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM…so don’t scrap your old or unwanted items of jewellery – remodel it into the perfect wedding ring, bangle or even a mini bar of bullion! Call us on (01691) 238297 for a free, no obligation quote, TODAY!


We’re green


We’re green! Unlike many, the jewellery trade has always recycled their material. In fact more than 50% of all new gold jewellery produced in this country every year is manufactured using recycled and refined scrap! This piece, a ‘new’ 18ct wedding ring, was manufactured from 12g of ‘junk” jewellery….broken chains, ear-rings, pendants etc!

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We like to make things a bit more personal, because afterall… this is a very personal purchase. From choosing your stones to sizing, we’ll guide you on chosing the perfect ring.