Bespoke Rings

Today most jewellery is made by machine and traditional skills are in obvious decline. In the UK most of the jewellery stocked by the multiples and many independent jewellers is largely imported with the staff being little more than well trained sales people. Unfortunately this approach, while very commercially viable, provides a rather prescriptive, sterile and generic shopping experience. Fortunately we’re different! We manufacture fine jewellery and will manufacture jewellery to YOUR specification.

A unique service


We’re a workshop, with a rather “left-field” retail presence. We operate an appointment based system from our showroom in Oswestry. Our unique service and personal attention ensure you’ll be given expert impartial advice with none of the distractions or pressures of a busy retail environment. By purchasing your wedding ring or commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery from The Ring Workshop, you’ll be dealing with experts who know, understand and care! A piece of jewellery isn’t a commodity. Purchasing an engagement or wedding ring is a very personal and emotive experience. Handmade jewellery is special, unique, and we understand this.


Something different


We recognise that most of our customers are looking for something a little different – a unique piece designed and manufactured to an exacting specification. We’re here to help when the occasion demands! With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing handmade wedding rings we can accommodate most requests and can cater for every taste and budget.




The patterns and designs illustrated on the site only represent a small cross-section of our range and a “snap shot” of our abilities. It’s unlikely you’ll see exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t’ worry! Armed with an image or an exact specification of your perfect design we’ll manufacture a piece to match your requirements. In addition, we’ll guarantee that it’s “ringdividual”! Our “ringdividual” guarantee ensures we will either enhance the specification of your chosen design (by utilizing a superior metal or by selecting diamonds of an enhanced, weight, colour or clarity) or provide a substantial saving for a product of an identical specification.

Try the specialists


Whether buying, or just looking for guidance, don’t be distracted by normal jewellers, visit the specialists and enjoy the difference!

Book an Appointment

We like to make things a bit more personal, because afterall… this is a very personal purchase. From choosing your stones to sizing, we’ll guide you on chosing the perfect ring.