Scrap Purchasing

We’ll buy your scrap gold and silver….and give you a great price!


Gold’s currently trading at an all-time high! At £1,305/oz (24/02/20) it’s expensive….very expensive! No one can predict where the price will go, but the current “highs” might be a good opportunity to exchange or liquidate those broken, unloved or unwanted items of jewellery.

Convert metal to cash


We love gold (and most other precious metals) and will happily convert your precious metal items into cash. We don’t charge refining fess and with no hidden charges you can be sure of receiving the best possible price.


We buy any item containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium.  We’re not fussy….we’ll buy jewellery, personal items, table ware, trophies, coins, bullion bars, dental scrap etc etc.

Offering you the best price


Please call us on 01691 238927 for our best spot prices or, if you’d prefer, book an appointment at our shop where we’ll be able to weigh, test and value your items while you wait.

Book an Appointment

We like to make things a bit more personal, because afterall… this is a very personal purchase. From choosing your stones to sizing, we’ll guide you on chosing the perfect ring.