Our Materials

We work in a variety of metals to suit the requirements of our customers. The choice is varied and includes a range of materials with differing benefits…some hypo-allergenic, others industrial but, predictably, most of our customers chose to have their wedding rings fashioned from one of the classic precious metals



Most UK platinum is 95% pure (PT950). Heavy (40% heavier that the equivalent 18ct) and hard-wearing its metallic structure gives it a resistance to wear that is significantly superior to other precious metals. Platinum is a natural colour and, unlike most white gold, doesn’t require rhodium plating. Rarer, purer and requiring little or no maintenance, platinum has been a popular choice for many couples for many, many years…its current depressed value just makes it more attractive!

White Gold


Available in 9, 14 & 18ct alloys. White gold is, essentially, yellow gold alloyed with other “white” metals. 9ct rings are 37.5% pure gold,14ct 58.5% pure gold and 18ct 75% pure gold. The remaining percentages are constructed with a cocktail of other metals giving the different caratages their own characteristics. 9ct is, obviously, the most affordable but most white gold will be rhodium plated. The “natural” white gold alloy isn’t white! It’s a little misleading, but a 9ct white gold is actually a milky yellow colour and a “palladium-rich” 18ct white gold is usually a lustrous dark grey. These alloys are usually rhodium plated to give the white gold a consistent bright white appearance. Unfortunately, with use, this plating will wear away and the true colour of the alloy exposed. This is perfectly natural but little inconvenient! With careful refinishing and re-rhodium plating most white gold rings can be restored to their former glory.



Currently available in two qualities, Pd500 (50% pure) and Pd950 (95% pure). Palladium is a noble metal from the same group as platinum. Less dense and therefore lighter than platinum, palladium is often considered a more affordable alternative. Unlike white gold palladium doesn’t require rhodium plating but isn’t as hard wearing as platinum. As such many consider palladium as the perfect compromise!

Yellow / Rose Gold


9, 14, 18 & 22ct – We stock and manufacture gold rings in 9, 14, 18 and 22ct. The differing carats reflect the varying amount of pure gold (24ct) in the alloy. A 9ct gold ring (hallmarked Au375) will contain 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% alloy. A piece of 18ct gold jewellery (hallmarked Au750) will contain 75% pure gold (24ct) and 25% alloy. It’s a little like a beer shandy! Some shandies have more beer (18ct), others more lemonade (9ct). The colour of the metal will be determined by the ratio of gold (beer) to lemonade (alloy). A 22ct gold ring (hallmarked Au916) will be a deep rich golden colour. The 18ct will be slightly lighter as the purity has been diluted slightly with the addition of alloys. The weights of the respective rings will also vary as the alloys tend to be physically lighter and less dense than pure gold. Finally, rose gold is, essentially, created with copper. When gold is mixed with copper the resulting alloy will have a reddish colour. The intensity of the colour will be determined by the amount of copper.…a 9ct rose gold will, therefore, be darker and pinker than an 18ct rose gold because it contains more copper.



A light-weight lustrous grey metal that’s perfect for those looking for a hard-wearing, hypoallergenic alternative to the traditional precious metals. We lathe all our titanium wedding rings from solid, implant-grade titanium bar. Titanium is a very appropriate metal for a wedding ring. It has all the required qualities, at a fraction of the price, of the precious metal equivalent. Light-weight, hard-wearing and hypoallergenic, many men find the “designer” properties of titanium the perfect complement to their active lifestyles.

Surgical Steel


Another “engineered” material more associated with industrial design than bridal couture but, nonetheless, a worthy alternative to the usual suspects! We manufacture our surgical steel (SS316) rings from solid bar on CNC lathes. This gives us control over every element of their specification and design. Surgical steel, like titanium, is hard-wearing, hypoallergenic and surprisingly light-weight. Often mistaken for platinum, it has a lustrous white colour but, when polished, has a wonderfully smooth “lubricated” feel. Perfect for those with more active lifestyles our surgical steel rings are inexpensive, light-weight and hard-wearing, at a fraction of the price of a precious metal.



The finish of a ring has a significant impact on its appearance. The image opposite / below illustrates 7 of the most popular finishes available at The Ring Workshop. These can be used to personalise or enhance many of the design featured on this website. Mirror polish, straight satin, plannished, linnished or sand-blasted? Whatever your preference, we’ll work with you to create your own masterpiece.

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