Shaped wedding bands


In jewellery, as with many things, there's only one substitute for size....the PERFECT FIT!

At The Ring Workshop we specialise in handmade wedding rings to fit all shapes and sizes of engagement ring.  However unusual your engagement ring, our "bespoke fitting service" will be able to fashion a wedding ring to match it perfectly.

We're here to help, however unusual your engagement ring!  For further information, or to book an informal appointment to discuss your requirements, please call one of our friendly team - they'll be delighted to provide further practical and impartial advice : 01691 238297

How do we do it?


Producing a perfectly fitted wedding ring is a precise science - combining the skills of a precision engineer, the imagination of an artist and the creativity of a master jeweller.



This table and the designs illustrated on this website only represent a small cross-section of our products and a “snap shot” of our abilities. Our modular bespoke fitting service ensures the illustrated options can be configured to your own requirements. This approach gives YOU complete control over the design, detailing and finishing of your own masterpiece – a ring as unique as your relationship! Few retailers offer this service and even fewer have the knowledge, skills or facilities to execute a commission to the exacting standards required by our discerning customers.

This table opposite illustrates the “fine tuning” that is possible with a bespoke commissioned ring. 

“The examples don’t match my engagement ring” 

Don’t worry. Each piece is handled as a unique commission. As such you can specify what is required. When manufacturing a shaped wedding ring we don’t try to modify existing patterns or designs. At The Ring Workshop each shaped wedding ring commission is viewed as a unique design. Each order starts as a blank canvas - a unique piece committed to harmonise with your engagement ring.

"...get ready for the rush - we're recommending you to everyone..."