1) Assessment of your wedding ring

We assess your engagement ring and discuss your requirements. The configuration, proportions and materials of the engagement ring will influence the wedding ring and this will give us an opportunity to discuss your requirements and evaluate the numerous avalible options.

2) Scan engagement ring

We scan the engagement ring and produce an accurate 3D model.



3) Rendered image of wedding ring

The 3D model of the engagement ring is used to create a rendered image of the fitted wedding ring matching your chosen specification. At this stage modifications and adjustments of the piece are easy to accommodate as the modelling software allows 'fine tuning' of the design.

4) Resins of wedding ring

Once the rendered model of the wedding ring is approved, we forward the CAD files to Weston Beamor, a modelling company equipped with the latest liquid resin laser printer, to produce a 3D 'Viper' resin model of the ring. The resin model is a physical ring (similar to a wax prototype) and can be viewed with the engagement band for your approval.


5) Casting the ring

Having approved the 'Viper' resin, we cast the ring in your chosen precious metal. Centrifugal casting machines are used to eliminate porosity (air bubbles) in the cast.

6) Hallmarking and hand finishing

The piece is then hallmarked and hand finished to ensure a flawless result.



7) Delivery

The finished piece is available for delivery, usually within 4 weeks. We'll always offer to refinish (clean, polish and when necesserary, rhodium plate) your engagement ring as a complimentary service to ensure your rings look perfect for your big day!