Don't scrap your old jewllery, we can remodel it!


What can we create?

The current trade price of gold is expensive, currently trading at £1,000 oz (correct as of 2017). With prices likely to continue to rise there has never been a better time to create a new piece of jewellery from something you no longer wear. You will rarely realise the true value of your gold with a dealer, so turning your sentimental pieces into something you can treasure and wear again is a great option.   

Did you know?

You may not realise the potential of the old jewellery that are sitting unloved in your jewellery box. It's not only valuable, but very recyclable. Very few jewellers have the capacity to do this. As a workshop we can remodel your gold, silver & platinum into a new wedding ring, bangle or even a mini bar of bullion!

We're green. Unlike many, the jewellery trades has always recycled their material. The finished article, a 'new' 18ct wedding ring, manufactured from 12g of 'scrap'!