We’re overstocked!   Every year we have the same conversation with our accountant, but this year he was more forceful and adamant we should reduce the number and value of our stock samples.


It’s never easy selecting the designs and samples to rationalize but the following selection are either duplicates, “over-spec’d” samples or “experimental” master patterns that never proved to be commercial.  All the illustrated pieces are available for immediate delivery, priced at “trade”  and are “as new”.  They all represent GREAT value and are all manufactured to our usual uncompromising standards.

A Varied Selection of Rings


With a varied selection of both traditional and modern designs, and a piece to match every budget, we’re sure to have a piece to suit you!


Many of the pieces are set with certificated diamonds. The best stones deserve the finest mounts…you won’t find any 9 or 14ct here, so please don’t ask!


Don’t be distracted by our competitors – we guarantee that you won’t buy better! No high-street jeweller, back-street workshop or e-commerce retailer can match the quality or price of this hand-picked selection.


Please call, or email, for further information or if you would like to view any of the illustrated designs – 01691 238297

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We like to make things a bit more personal, because afterall… this is a very personal purchase. From choosing your stones to sizing, we’ll guide you on choosing the perfect ring.