Choosing a wedding ring to fit your engagement ring

When you’ve spent many months agonising over finding the perfect engagement ring, the wedding ring is often seen as an afterthought. That is – until you realise it can actually be quite challenging finding a ring that sits comfortably next to your engagement ring.

Bespoke is Best

If your engagement ring is a vintage ring, an inherited ring, or you were just too excited about being engaged to consider buying the matching ring at the same time – you’re going to need to be looking for a wedding ring to fit.

Most of our clients initially turned to high street jewellers, but were left unsatisfied for a number of reasons… 

  • High street jewellers often take a “one size fits all” approach to shaped wedding rings, as they are unable to offer a bespoke style. 
  • They ask to send your engagement ring away, so that they can manufacture the shaped wedding ring. As you’ll know, you do not want to part with your engagement ring or risk it being damaged.
  • High street jewellers can charge a premium for creating a specially designed shaped ring.
  • They often struggle to colour match your rings - especially with Welsh and rose gold metals.

At the Ring Workshop, each of our rings are handmade to your exact specification - you won’t find any premiums for individually designed bespoke rings (because, you know, that’s what we do!). We also make sure you are not parted from your engagement ring, because we take a mould of your engagement ring that we use during the shaping process to ensure they fit perfectly. 

You can see our guide to shaped wedding rings here to give you an idea of the most popular shapes.

Choosing your Design

We believe that no wedding ring should be an afterthought; in many ways they hold greater symbolic significance of your union together as you exchange them on your wedding day.

Whilst you may be concerned with your rings fitting snugly together – we also ensure the same degree of care goes into choosing the design of your ring. We take care to colour match the metal of your ring, and you can choose the setting and type of any stones you would like set in your ring. You can see our diamond guide for more information on how we choose the highest quality stones. We also provide a bespoke engraving service if you would like a personal message on the inside of your rings.

“Help – my wedding ring doesn’t fit my engagement ring!”

It may be the case that you already have your wedding ring picked out, only to realise that the straight band leaves a large gap between your two rings. We often see this with clients who have already invested in their wedding ring, or want to wear a ring that has been passed through their family. 

If this is the case for you and you want your rings to sit comfortably next to each other, don’t panic. Often, these rings can be remodelled in our workshop to minimise the gap whilst maintaining the integrity of your ring. 

Get in Touch

We specialise in even the most complex types of shaped wedding rings and you can be certain that your wedding rings are handmade and unique in every way.

Contact us to book a free consultation with our ring maker Mark to discuss how we can create a wedding ring shaped to fit your engagement ring.